A new sense of diligence and courage - Lady Garden fashion brand 2013 summer orders will come to an end

November 21, Ms. Park , a beautiful brand spokeswoman Miss Han Jiaxun huge image according to the early standing in front of Sinavisi company, to meet all over the country came to participate in the Court of Beauty 2013 Summer Order of the agents, franchisee friends . The order will be presented in addition to showcase the new summer 2013 Lady Grace, also focused on preaching the ban on net sales of the relevant regulations and held a swearing-in ceremony. Before and after the fair, all training sessions led by Chairman Ying Renzhong and senior management of the company ran through them. On the 25th, the five-day Lady Garden 2013 Summer Order will be completed on an orderly and tense schedule.


Beauty Court 2013 summer static catwalk

On the 21st, Jiayuan Brand Design Director Zhou Lizhi explained to the participating customers "Lady Garden Court Summer 2013 Product Planning." "The fluorescent color will still be the fashion color of spring and summer of next year. The key outline of the summer of 2013 are horn-shaped, one-piece pants type, column type, medium-long profile ..." Zhou Director started from the market and analyzed the summer Women 's fashion trends, followed by the classification of beauty showcase Court Summer 2013 style map, and detailing the "urban woman, romantic pastoral, fashion leisure," the three major themes were used design elements, design techniques, design details and color display . After that, Ms. Wang Minzhi, the beautiful villager's garden planner, analyzed the goods of Lady Grace 2013 through the data and pictures of each group.

After the training was over, Grace Garden designer accompanied the client to visit the color display of each band of the three simulation shops in the hall. There is a new idea is, each bar shelves, are hung with a KT board hand-painted color display map, clear, easy for staff to organize the goods, but also help customers intuitively grasp the display of the season and applied to train color Terminal sales staff.

In addition, in June last year, after using the PDA order, the company continued to introduce new methods in the order, the order will be fully adopted Tablet PC ordering mode. On the tablet computer, customers can visually see all the pictures of the Summer Palace next summer, click on any picture can be directly linked to the clothing ordering interface, the order is extremely convenient. Customers reflect the company adopted the order, the analysis of goods convenient and quick, greatly improving the efficiency of their orders and comprehensiveness and accuracy.

On the morning of the 22nd, all the staffs and customers of Grace Court were busy at the ordering site. Beauty Court 2013 summer new release using static catwalks way, through the model's dress and designers to explain the corresponding customers close to understand each of the characteristics of clothing and selling point.

In the next order to see like the order, taking into account the large number of customers, the company arranges staff shift services, the implementation of grouping overnight orders. Two or three in the morning, when customers order photos on the microblogging site, laugh at all these nights but still radiant "night owl" who.

出新意 勤努力 有魄力——佳人苑时尚女装品牌2013夏装订货会圆满落幕

Internet sales oath prohibition ceremony

With the development and growth of the brand, illegal sales of illegal products on the Internet in recent years, or the misappropriation of the brand name of the brand. To this end, the company has invested a lot of money and the relevant units signed a "brand rights contract," focusing on maintaining corporate brand intellectual property, the majority of agents, franchisees to safeguard the vital interests! In this order meeting, the company made a keynote speech on the ban on net sales and organized all customers to carry out the oath-ban on net sales at noon on the 22nd. Cooperation with the company to stop the illegal network marketing collaboration unit preached the cooperation process, all agents, franchisees solemnly vowed not to participate in online sales behavior, and sent representatives on behalf of one by one in the "strict self-discipline, boycott violations open shop - Jia Yuan Court brand cooperation Agreement "sign the promise, in order to safeguard the interests of the majority of the League, to maintain the brand image.

出新意 勤努力 有魄力——佳人苑时尚女装品牌2013夏装订货会圆满落幕

"Terminal Quantization Management" training site

Throughout this order will be another important part of the chairman should be Ren Ren personally agents, franchisees speak a series of training courses - "2013 Marketing Policy and Planning", "How to quantify the management of terminals," "planning Do the goal of management to implement quantitative performance "," Xinaweisi business twelve laws "and so on. In addition, Ms. Liu Xiong, Marketing Director of Glamorous Garden, made a training on provincial status and commodity control for provincial clients on the day before the order, analyzed the profitability of the terminal stores based on the sales data of Glamourous in previous years, The decomposition of indicators and other content. After class, customers have affirmed the training courses in recent days, "nutritious" operability, provided a good idea and direction for terminal management.

In order to prepare for these courses, Dong and relevant management personnel should spend more than a month collecting and analyzing the terminal data, and the contents of the courseware written by their own organizations are detailed and detailed. In the course of preparing for the courseware, from Dong analysis data terminal operators are deeply "too difficult too hard, too tired too tired", and hope that through the quantitative management of enterprises to further enhance the efficiency and more to give profit to customers. In this order, the company introduced a strong terminal expansion support policy, in the shop and ERP system installation to give financial support, at the same time to carry out brand management concept advocacy, in order to improve agents, franchisees shop planning ability. In addition, the company will also strive to improve the terminal's commodity control ability, continue to improve and perfect the terminal image, increase the support in the window design and display. Such as "more than 65 square meters of new shop decoration or old shop new clothes, to reach the relevant indicators you can get full renovation subsidies," the support for the end-user excited.

In 2013, the company will make every effort to support the terminal, at least 70% of customers will be promoted, a total of promoting brand sustainable and healthy development!

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