2016 spring and summer lingerie popular style fiber Yan 2016 spring and summer pure love series grandly listed

The world is full of colorful flowers, but also to the simple and clear the pure, pure color so that the quiet world of mountains and rivers return to the heart, followed by vista.

"A touch of hue, pure love," pure and not mixed with a color light package wrapped focus, you can pure fresh can also be elegant, such as a clear reflection of Wang Lake flawless face, exudes natural luster.

Pure color of the series return to the era of simple concise sense, bringing the aesthetic sense of the times, the classic reveals a trace of simple aesthetic.


Style: Q8335

Style: 3/4 mold cup bra

Size: 70A-85B

Color: black, cream color

For women: for women with petite breast enlargement

1.Q8335, Q8336 no rims die cup, innovative half-chip design, no rims comfort, completely avoid the steel ring on the chest Le sensual and discomfort, so that blood circulation unobstructed;

2 side bowl inlaid with water-soluble lace, cool than using a net cloth, cool and sticky feeling.

2016春夏内衣流行款式  纤妍2016春夏纯色之恋系列隆重上市

Style: Q8336

Style: 3/4 mold cup bra

Size: 70B-85C

Color: black, cream color

For women: suitable for the pursuit of comfort, chest expansion of women wearing

Pure color in terms of spring and summer, is the simplest color, fresh and pleasant, forget the bustle and bustle, simple color and design will be able to add simple and elegant colors for the elegant quarter.

2016春夏内衣流行款式  纤妍2016春夏纯色之恋系列隆重上市

Style: Q8028

Style: big cup bra

Size: 70C-100F

Color: black, cream color

For women: suitable for plump breasts, breast ptosis expansion, loose fat women wearing

2016春夏内衣流行款式  纤妍2016春夏纯色之恋系列隆重上市

1.Q8028 full cup design, with simple lace, showing the perfect deep V sexy cleavage, inclusive, good stability, to prevent breast and body deformation; vest style design, enhanced inclusive and pulling effect;

2. Greater than the use of cold mesh, cool and non-stick sense; inner bowl antibacterial cloth, antibacterial antibacterial; steel ring with memory, all-round pressure-free wear feeling, breast care health;

3 under the bowl set two volcanic energy stone, acupuncture massage for each point to quickly improve the human body microcirculation, promote metabolism, prevent and alleviate breast disease.

Going round and round, stop and go, passing so many scenery, read so many stories, but still keep the bones of the persistent.

Fall in love with solid color is an "addiction", the symptoms are clear: the simple vision of the beautiful yearning.

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