2013 autumn and winter new witness JZ Jiu Jiu new fashion

Season JZ Nine Poseidon insight inside and outside the stadium elegant code, restore the body shape of the women's modification and respect, the glossy fabric and the winter atmosphere into which, showing a more suitable profile and style of Oriental women in order to highlight the JZ Jiu Zi as a High-grade domestic clothing elegant women 's unique. Witnessed the 2013 autumn and winter new fashion.

玖姿 - JUZUI

Graceful in attitude, wisdom and soul, flexible and elegant "with a combination of" outline the perfect female curve, will be grand and stylish elegant place in circulation in a variety of places to wear, not the same sense of structure, the classic cut, profile The shape of the show a wonderful segmentation and curves, so that women wearing JZ Jiu posture to rejuvenate the wonderful artistic pleasure of joy.

2013秋冬新品 见证JZ玖姿新时尚

Gentle knit and oil paintings reflect the perfect combination of patterns, hazy mystery full. Good to cover the waist of the fat, will reveal the perfect figure. This section choose blue jacquard trousers fabric, micro-elastic comfort at the same time not easily deformed to take care of, profile simple, hip self-cultivation, is a must-have item for everyday wear.

2013秋冬新品 见证JZ玖姿新时尚

Ling grid positioning flower shirt, the whole body with a sense of wool knit material, the middle of the whole black with a hem at the real big pocket design, this sweater mysterious black and red, revealing the atmosphere and sexy taste.

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